Graphics - SG - Goofy 01

Copyright, WDW Daily News, 2012


Off to the wilds of Animal Kingdom

Look out there!

It’s better to be in the parade than just watching it!

Going Fishin”

Nappin’ or fishin’. Either way it’s a great way to take it easy.

Your face in a mural is better than not at all.


Cowboy Goofy can write? Hmmmmm…

A statue of Goofy on a bench in Town Square on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom.

A statue of Goofy golfing. FFFFFOOOOORRRRREEEEE!!!!!

Ranger Goofy…another facet of a well-rounded life!

I wonder just how good (or bad) that Bar-B-Que could really be?

Goofy Graffiti

Just Goofin’ Around
(Copyright, Mike Neal, 2011)

A floral display of Goofy at the American pavilion in EPCOT during the annual Flower and Garden show.



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